Summer Passport - Session Three - Teamwork: Many Hands Make Light Work

Thursday, July 23, 2015

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This week youth learned all about teamwork and the importance of each member of a team.  They also learned all about what you can accomplish when you work together.  Youth did this through numerous games and activities on Wednesday and through working in small teams (all part of a larger team) to prepare a delicious and nutritious dinner for Kerr St Mission.  They worked on their kitchen skills including chopping, frying, mixing, and baking.  Youth also improved their skills at following directions by reading through the steps at each station they were part of, and following recipes to create rice pilaf, brownies, hummus and more.  They used their interpersonal skills to make each dinner guest feel welcome, and special by interacting with them, asking how their dinner was, and asking if they wanted or needed anything else.  Youth joined up with youth associated with the Halton Regional Police Service and quickly formed an effective team making new connections and friendships along the way.

This week our 90 dinner guests felt welcomed and included, many of them thanked either one person individually or the whole group in the kitchen for the delicious meal and were grateful to have some leftovers to take home with them.


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